Can I activate the AliasPay service at several banks where I have my accounts using the same phone number?

In AliasPay's database, a phone number can be associated with only one IBAN. Thus, the phone number will be associated with the IBAN of the account opened at the bank where you last activated the service.


How long does a transfer using AliasPay take?

A transfer using AliasPay takes less than 10 seconds and the money can even be withdrawn by the beneficiary from his /her account (or used online) - if the bank offered you the option to pay to a mobile number via Plăți Instant (or it can take as long as a traditional payment - namely maximum two hours in the central TRANSFOND system, to which the time from the paying customer’s bank to TRANSFOND is added, depending on the operating schedule of each bank).

When is AliasPay available?

TRANSFOND’s AliasPay service is available 24/7/365. Please contact your bank for more details.

How much does an AliasPay payment cost?

TRANSFOND does not directly charge end consumers. Any processing fees are set by your bank and listed in its bank fee table.

What is the maximum amount I can transfer using the AliasPay service?

The maximum amount you can transfer through the AliasPay service is RON 49.999.

Can I use AliasPay for euro and cross-border payments?

Currently, TRANSFOND’s AliasPay of is available only for domestic payments in RON.

How safe is AliasPay?

AliasPay is integrated with your bank and benefits from the same security standards guaranteed by banks for all payment solutions and applications offered. AliasPay is provided by TRANSFOND, the institution responsible for conducting electronic interbank clearing and settlement in Romania since 2005, with an availability level of over 99%.