The Service


Pay anytime (24/7/365) using the mobile phone number of the recipient and the money arrives instantly or as a traditional payment. The speed of payment execution will depend on your choice (whether your bank will provide this service for both instant and traditional payments) or how your bank has chosen to provide the service to its customers. The payment beneficiary must be enrolled in AliasPay.

The service is intended for individual customers and businesses holding a bank account.

Customers of banks offering AliasPay can initiate extremely simple payments between two accounts opened at different banks, using only the mobile phone number of the payment beneficiary, through AliasPay, developed and provided by TRANSFOND for the banking community.

AliasPay is a SPL type service (Standardized Proxy Lookup), which enables the initiation of payments based on an alias (mobile phone number) that the payer knows at the time of initiation. AliasPay connects the IBAN account number of the payee to the alias, for payment service providers.

It is the first service of this type developed in Romania, given that, until now, there have been payment solutions using the mobile phone number instead of the IBAN only as intrabank services (when both customers payer and beneficiary have the account at the same bank). AliasPay extends the possibility to pay using a mobile number between the accounts of two different banks, whichever they may be (interbank) – provided that these banks connect to AliasPay.

The service is based on the SPL scheme of the Romanian Association of Banks.

Regarding the AliasPay infrastructure, the level of security and availability is similar to that provided for managing the interbank payments Automated Clearing House, and in terms of speed, TRANSFOND offers a response time to queries of less than 2 seconds.

Entities involved in AliasPay